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Desktop PC

    Intel 1151 Socket
    Intel 2066 Socket
    AMD Socket AM4

    Intel 1151 Socket
    Intel 2066 Socket
    Intel 1150 Socket
    AMD Socket AM4
    AMD FM2 Socket


Hard drive
    2.5" SATA
    2.5" SATA SSD
    3.5" SATA
    M.2 SSD

Video card
    Nvidia Geforce
    AMD Radeon

TV Tuner

Optical drive
    5.25" SATA

Sound card


Network card

Internal accessories

    Mini tower
    Mid tower
    Full tower

Power supply

Keyboard/Mouse Kit


    Mouse Pad



Gaming accesories
    Game controller
    Gaming chair

    < 22"
    22" - 24"
    > 24"

    Operating system
    Office suite
    Antivirus and other



Surge protection




External enclosure
    HD Dock

External accessories

Usb key

Blank media
    Jewel Case

Notebook accessories

Flash memory for camera

    Case Fan
    CPU Fan
    Thermal Paste
    Watercooling Kit


Tech service
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Warranty policy
Warranty policy.

PC Supreme Inc. agrees to comply with the manufacturers warranty for a period of one year except for the following: printers, monitors, speakers. These parts are guaranteed for 7 days and have one year warranty directly from the manufacturer. Certain parts have warranties in excess of 1 year (eg processor, Kingston memory, hard drives...). PC Suprême Inc. covers for the first year warranty, excluding printers, monitors and speakers. After the first year, the customer must honor the manufacturer's warranty.

PC Suprême will replace any new part considered defective by one of our technicians within 48 hours. PC Suprême will consider as a "new" part to have been purchased within 30 days and the original packagings are necessary to take advantage of this service. If any part becomes defective after 30 days, PC Suprême will diagnose the part at first and then will send the defective parts at no charge to the manufacturer. This service requires a period of 3 to 4 weeks. PC Suprême is not responsible for the delay and no customer will be compensated for the wait. It should be noted that the part returned from the manufacturer will carry the balance of the warranty.

Important : No warranty on physically broken parts. No fan is guaranteed. No media is guaranteed. Software guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Warranty on labor.

The customer will be charged for labor if the following applies :

■ The computer was assembled by a third party.

■ A part that was purchased in-store and was installed by a third party.

Diagnosing a computer problem with a deffective part that was installed by a third party.

If the customer installs the operating system himself and a problem arises, PC Suprême is not responsible and the customer will be charged for verification and labor. (eg drivers not installed)

Installations of operating system (eg Windows) and / or software installed by PC Suprême are garanteed 7 days which takes effect immediately upon delivery of the computer. After this period the customer will be charged for any labor.

Policy on software.

PC Suprême does not garantee and software componants. In the event of any deffective software components that resulted from a purchase, the customer must contact the manufacturer for an exchange.

The key (serial number) is the costumer's responsibility. Keep these informations in a secure location.