PC Suprême offers the following services in store

Complete standard assembly: $ 52.53 
The complete assembly service includes installation of all internal components necessary for the proper operation of your computer. All assembled systems are tested in store for their proper functioning and have 2 years warranty on labor. 

Full custom assembly: $ 72.10 
Personalized service includes a complete standard assembly in addition to the installation of special devices such as fan controller, etc.. An assembly will be custom made in order to get the maximum space in the computer for an optimal air flow, conceal the cables for maximum design. 

Data Backup: $ 61.80 / 200 Gb 
Our technicians can retrieve data from your hard drive in working condition. You should however be able to provide a detailed list of data and documents to back up and their location on the hard drive. The backup can be done on another disk drive or removable media. Additional charges may be incurred in cost and duration of the transfer on removable media. 

CPU Installation: $ 10.30 / Unit 
The installation of the CPU on your motherboard will be conducted and the installation of its original fan. Additional costs may add to the fan installation other than that provided by the company the processor manufacturer. 

Hard drive installation: $ 10.30 / Unit 
The hard drive installation includes the physical installation of the unit in your system, as well as creating partitions and formatting. The partition size is required upon installation request. Should no details on the size of the partitions is provided by the customer, one partition will be made by default. Additional fees for the purchase of cables can occur if they are required to install and not provided by the customer. 

Installing RAM: $ 10.30 / Unit 
Installing RAM includes the physical installation of the unit in your system, followed by a test software to ensure compatibility with your system memory and its functioning. 

Installation of various card: $ 10.30 / Unit 
Whatever type of card to install (PCI, AGP, PCI-E), our technicians will be able to install correctly on your system. The driver configuration will be completed to ensure the smooth operation of each card installed. It is necessary to provide the driver disk, or charges for additional drivers search may be incurred. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the computer is ready to receive the card and the operating system is functional. 

Software Installation: $ 10.30 / Unit 
We can install any Windows-based software (excluding operating systems). However, it is mandatory to provide the original disks to proceed with the installation thereof, without any exception. It is also necessary that your operating system is functional. Additionnal fees of $ 5.15 will be charged if PC Suprême need to download the software.

Installing the operating system (Windows): $ 41.00 
The installation of the Windows operating system also includes the installation of drivers. The original disks and license number of Windows software are required, without any exception. Additional fee of $ 15.45 may be incurred if the drivers discs are not supplied by the customer and a search of drivers shall be necessary. 

Windows update: $ 15.45 
Our technicians can install your Microsoft updates, including service packs. However, it is necessary that your Microsoft software are genuine and they are activated with Microsoft. 

Complete system verification: $ 72.10 / Unit 
Checking your system will be made within 72 business hours. Includes the system diagnostic and the labor to install parts necessary for its proper functioning. The cost of purchasing these items is in excess of the amount of verification. The system check does cover the re-installation of the original Windows operating system (No piracy allowed) but all other software are not included. It does not cover the cost of backup, or disk cloning,  if necessary for the customer. 

IMPORTANT : In some periods of high volume of repair, or for certain queries are more complicated (eg intermittent problem), the period of 72 hours can be exceeded. 

Modality of verification : PC Suprême is not responsible for data loss caused by the verification or repair of customer computers. It is advisable to make backups before bring a computer. For more information about terms and conditions relating to parts and labor :     Terms and Conditions